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About Desktop Miracles

Desktop Miracles is a full-service book design and and production studio providing bestseller-quality publishing services to clients nationwide. Our clients range from New York City to Los Angeles, and plenty of beautiful and random places in between, and include major “name” publishers, mid-size houses, independents and authors, as well as non-publisher businesses such as speakers, consultants, and entrepreneurs.

We are located in the picturesque village of Stowe, Vermont, hiding from the world high in the beautiful Green Mountains of Northern New England. Small town life, laid-back and stress-free, with gorgeous 12 mile views across the valley and only one stoplight in town.

Our philosophy and approach to our business is simple: “We’re looking for long-term clients, not one-time customers.”

Our clients are publishers, authors, and businesses, to whom we provide services to  for a fee. We are NOT a publisher. We are NOT a printer.

Our experience covers 25+ years each, including more than 20 years as an independent studio after several years in one of the world’s leading publishing houses.

We are a team of professional book designers and publishing veterans who bring decades of experience and a wealth of value-added expertise to each and every project, which means:

  1. We KNOW the correct way to produce books. We understand and worry about many things that other ”designers” don’t even know to worry about.
  2. We CARE enough to do the job the right way. Your project deserves to be done correctly. There’s no reason not to give your book the very best and do it right.
  3. We PRODUCE the job the right way, with properly built and organized files, detailed master pages, templates, and specs, and files built to run seamlessly through state of the art digital manufacturing.

We’re fun, creative people who realize that quality of life, and our respective sanity, is FAR more important than chasing the almighty dollar in some soul-killing mega corporation, or waging interoffice wars to claim the corner office. Been there, done that, had the office. The view was nice, but the headaches weren’t worth it.

Not that we dislike mega corporations mind you. They make really nice clients who pay their bills. We just don’t want to be employees for one again.

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