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Barry is available for one-on-one and corporate consulting on a wide variety of publishing, publishing business, and print technology matters. He has more than 25 years of expertise with a tremendously wide range of experiences to draw from.

Barry T. Kerrigan is an acknowledged publishing expert available for one-on-one and corporate consulting to individuals, authors, and publishers.

Barry can answer your questions on book design, production, and publishing, and provide insightful guidance and recommendations for your products, workflow, and business based upon 25 years in the industry, with exposure to hundreds of different publishers, vendors, printers, and manufacturers, and experiences from being involved in the production of thousands of different projects.


Please email Barry to discuss consulting services, parameters and arrangements

Consulting Services

  • Phone Consulting on an hourly or on-going retainer basis
  • In Person Consulting at mutually convenient location (conferences etc)
  • On-site Consulting at your location

Topic Areas that Barry an help your firm with are:

  • Business models for successful independent publishing
  • Real world design and production advice from people who live and breathe it every day. We know what works, what doesn’t, and what causes problems at the plant.
  • Technical issues from design and production to product format deliveries.
  • Specializing on efficient production and manufacturing solutions, increasing profitability margins for clients.
  • Publishing Design, Production, Manufacturing, Business Strategy.
  • Project specifications analysis to reduce manufacturing costs
  • Design review, analysis, and recommendations, critique
  • Cover Design and Production
  • Interior Design and Production
  • Printing & Manufacturing
  • Contact Barry directly and he’ll put together a specific package that meets your needs and brings a fresh, expert perspective to help you solve your problems.

Barry is frequently willing to donate his time to organizational fundraisers for “silent auctions” and/or “ask the experts” style consulting sessions. Contact him directly with your requests.


Barry Consulting Qualifications

Barry’s expertise and background comes from almost 25 years in publishing. Barry is the Founder and President / CEO of Desktop Miracles, and has been providing publishing services to hundreds of publishers for more than 20 years, working on thousands of tremendously varied projects. He has brokered printed jobs with, worked with, and been inside dozens of printing plants all across the US and Canada. Prior to that he created, set-up, and managed one of the industry’s first all-digital in-house design and prepress systems at Word Publishing way back in 1990.

He is the author of Book Design & Production: The Ultimate Guide to Editorial, Design, Production, and Manufacturing, which will hopefully come out in a second edition sometime this Fall from Laughlin & Monroe Press, along with several smaller eBooks that will be available at DesktopMiracles.com.

Barry is also a sought-after speaker and seminar leader within the publishing industry, and as a publishing expert for related market segments including speakers, consultants, and business organizations looking at publishing. He speaks on a wide variety of topics including Book Design, Book Production, Publishing industry trends and developments, Small Publisher Business Planning, Successful Self Publishing and more

Barry is a frequent attendee at many industry events and a semi-regular participant in numerous publishing and technology related associations including BookExpo America, IDPF Digital Book, Digital Book World, Tools of Change, National Speakers Association annual convention and regional chapter meetings, and wide variety of regional publishing associations.