Publishing Packages for entrepreneurs & authors

You have questions...

Should I go with Traditional Publishing or Self-Publishing? or some kind of "Hybrid" publisher

Print or eBook? or Both?

Hardcover or Softcover?

or both?

Printing Digital or Offset or PoD Print-on-Demand?

and what's the difference?

Kindle or iPad or Nook?

what about Audio books?   or mobile aps for cell phones and tablets?

Should I sell thru Amazon?  What about Barnes & Noble?   Independent Bookstores?   Direct Sales?


Lightning Source?

Baker & Taylor?






We help you find the BEST Answers.



These are just a few of the dozens of questions you should be asking right now.


And the correct answer to virtually ALL of your publishing questions is.....



It Depends.



Each client has different goals, resources, and constraints.

Each project is different.

Each solution has trade-offs, each answer has pros and cons.



We’ve been helping clients get the BEST answers to their publishing questions for more than 25 years


Because the wrong answers can cost you tens of thousands of dollars and vital business opportunities.

Desktop Miracles provides customized full-service publishing solutions for non-publishers.

  • All-inclusive turnkey packages
  • Customized to include the essential services you need
  • Professional team of experts built around your project
  • Deliverables tailored to your requirements and goals
  • Award-winning design, production, and manufacturing
  • Bestseller-quality books in your hands in 20-25 weeks


You have complete control.

You have as much involvement as you want.

AND . . .

You get to skip the steep learning curve.


You are an expert in your field.

We are experts in this field.


You worry about your business.

We take care of everything else.

Whatever you need, We Deliver.


sample projects


The $5 Business CardTM for Entrepreneurs

Our premiere all-inclusive service specifically designed for Speakers, Consultants and Business Professionals who want a best-seller quality book to enhance their credibility and build their business.

  • Marketing & Promotional piece used to drive additional business opportunities and larger revenue.
  • Revenue-producing product that maximizes returns on the books themselves while branding the author.
  • Hybrid Marketing/Revenue product
    (self-funding marketing program that generates enough revenue and profit to cover its costs)


Publisher Production Package

Cover / Interior / Printing packages for small-to-medium size  publishers who need to outsource design and production services for their projects.

  • Publisher provides finished editorial
  • We handle all the design, production, and printing
  • We deliver finished books to your warehouse or offices
  • Publisher handles all marketing, sales, and distribution.


Independent Publisher Turnkey Package

The full-service turnkey solution for independent publishers or authors who want to outsource everything

  • Publisher provides manuscript
  • We perform editorial as needed, with publisher review
  • We handle all the design, production, and printing
  • We deliver finished books to your warehouse or offices
  • We provide requested services for sales, marketing, Amazon, warehousing, distribution, fulfillment, etc


Custom Books

Desktop Miracles provides customized full-service publishing solutions for non-publishers, businesses & organizations. Award-winning design, production, printing & manufacturing all tailored specifically to deliver the exact product you want.

  • Corporate Histories
  • Special Events
  • Conferences, Meetings, and Training Materials
  • Product Launches, Marketing & Promotional campaigns
  • Non-Profits & Fundraising
  • Custom Designed Coffee Table Books
  • One-of-a-Kind Special Projects


Special Projects Books

Desktop Miracles maintains the flexibility to meet almost any need you might have.

  • Rush to Market schedules (one project went from rough manuscript to digital printing in US and UK to delivery in New York and Geneva for United Nations meetings.
  • Book created with the goal of getting exposure and building a following to secure a traditional book deal
  • Huge, complicated projects with thousands of original images, prints, and illustrations in multiple formats.
  • Projects printing simultaneously in the US, China, and Australia to meet various deadlines and events.
  • A cover photoshoot involving a multimillionaire owner,
    a celebrity chef, 1 chuckwagon, 2 ponies, 4 professional football players, and 7 kids. In 100 degree heat.


The crazier the project and deadlines, the more important the need to have the right dedicated and experienced team.


list of services

This is a partial list of some of the services we can provide to our publishing partners.



Copyediting Light / Medium

Substantive editing




Design & Production:

Covers / Jackets

Interior Typesetting




Printing & manufacturing:

Offset Print Run

Digital Short Run

Digital Print on Demand

Advance Readers Copies






Apple iBooks for iPad

Barnes & Noble Nook

ePDF files




Library of Congress PCN

US Copyright Office

Publishers Cataloging in Publication



Direct sales system

Fulfillment by Amazon system

Wholesale system



Short-term & Long-term storage



Carton-level fulfillment to clients

Batch order processing






Lightning SourcE

Digital print run options and capabilities

Print on Demand business model

International printing and distribution options


sales & marketing:

Print collateral / Postcards / Sellsheets

Letterhead / Envelopes / Business cards

Publicity / PR / Advertising connections as needed



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