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“They do wonderful book interiors, some of the best I’ve seen . . .
wonderful, varied, dynamic interiors. I recommend them highly.”
–John Kremer, Author, 1001 Ways to Market Your Books and
Editor, Book Marketing Update

Interior Design & Typesetting is the unsung hero of a successful book.

The ideal interior design should be functional, striking, and when done well, almost invisible to the reader. It should complement and aid the reading process, not stand out or distract the reader.

The interior design of your book is vitally important to your success with your audience, readers, and industry professionals. The subtle differences between a mediocre presentation and a book designed and produced by experienced pros is immediately obvious.

A great interior design and layout needs three things:

  • An attractive layout that encompasses dozens of design and layout decisions specific to multi-page documents, all of which must be executed in a visually pleasing manner while effectively and correctly communicating the structure, message, and feel of the content.
  • Attention to detail, so the content is presented in a logical structure correctly and consistently throughout 200+ pages, providing the reader with overt and subconscious cues to the relative importance of the content.
  • Proper technical execution of the files, ready for the exacting standards of today’s precise digital prepress environments, so the book can be quickly and properly manufactured. If it won’t print correctly, it doesn’t matter how pretty it was on your monitor screen.

Desktop Miracles specializes in graphic and dynamic interior designs and production.
We are professionals who KNOW the correct way to design & produce books,
who CARE enought to do it right, and
who take the time to ACTUALLY DO IT RIGHT.

We are experts in book typesetting, and we excel at executing the small details that others may not even know to check.

Because YOUR book deserves this level of quality.

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The Interior Design and Production Process