Design & production Services for Publishers

Desktop Miracles provides bestseller-quality design and production services a la carte to publishers nationwide.

We are proud to work with everyone from the major New York houses to small independent publishers,

and from multinational corporations to individual authors fulfilling a personal dream.


We have designed and produced everything from full-color coffee table books and spot-color Bibles

to a tremendous variety of non-fiction, fiction, children's and academic titles.


We have worked on projects ranging from NY Times bestsellers and new releases launched on live TV,
 to privately published boutique projects targeting a small niche audience.


All of our projects are treated with the same respect, dedication, and care

when the publisher commits to producing a first-class product.

"In my fifty years in the field of communications, I have never had the pleasure of working with a vendor who provided me with a level of service and quality as has this firm. We felt that they were a true 'partner' in this project.
      I would not consider doing another book without them."

—R.P. Hoffman Publisher,
The Hoffman Press

covers & jackets

How important is your cover? It's everything.


Your book WILL be judged by its cover.


It’s the first thing potential customers see, and can determine if they'll even pick up and consider your book at all.

Without a striking and intriguing cover that makes a great impression, your book won’t attract attention on the shelf.


It's the single most important graphic on each and every piece of your marketing and the "packaging” of your content, and the primary visual element for online sales.


It's the first thing that industry gatekeepers evaluate. Bookstore buyers, wholesalers, and distributors are frequently looking at nothing more than a cover image on a catalog sell sheet when they consider purchasing or stocking a title


Experts agree that you only have a few seconds to catch
the eye of potential customers and industry partners.
Great cover design is essential for success.


“Good cover design is critical. It must be professional and appropriate for its purpose and market”

—Marcella Smith,
former Small Press Director, Barnes & Noble


As experienced book designers, the Desktop Miracles team creates stunning and appropriate designs for dust jackets and covers in virtually any category or genre imaginable.


We understand all the little creative nuances and subtleties that make books different and special, and all the technical requirements for producing books that will print correctly on press as well as looking great in online formats and eBooks.


Our Cover Design & Production Process

Sample Cover Design and Production Quote

“WOW! These covers are great. You outdid yourselves again. Outstanding.”

—Jere Calmes
Publisher, Entrepreneur Press

Interior Design & Typesetting

Desktop Miracles specializes in graphic and dynamic interior designs and production. We are experts in book typesetting, and we excel at executing the small details that others may not even know to check.


Excellent Interior Design & Typesetting
is the unsung hero of a successful book.


The ideal interior design should be functional, striking,
and when done well, almost invisible to the reader.
It should complement and aid the reading process,
not stand out or distract the reader.


The subtle differences between a mediocre word processed presentation and a book professionally designed and typeset by experienced professionals is immediately obvious.


The interior design of your book is vitally important to your success with your audience, readers, and industry partners.


YOUR book deserves, and needs, this level of quality.


We are professionals:

We KNOW the correct way to design & produce books,

We CARE enough to do it right, and

We INVEST the time to produce the job the right way.


Our Interior Design & Production Process

Sample Interior Design and Production Quote



“They do wonderful book interiors, some of the best I’ve seen . . . wonderful, varied, dynamic interiors. I recommend them highly.”

–John Kremer, Author, 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

Editor, Book Marketing Update


“A beautiful publication . . . a well designed, elegant and exquisite layout. Congratulations on your success.”

—Ismail Nawwab
United Nations UNESCO

printing & manufacturing

Desktop Miracles brokers printing and manufacturing services for projects we have designed and produced. We only offer this service when we build the files and we know they will run through prepress and print correctly on press.


Our quotes to you, with our management fee included,
are still extremely competitive.


We handle the entire process:

  • We prepare RFQs, evaluate quotes, and select the best printer for your project.
  • We provide you with a competitive quote, with our fee already included.
  • We manage everything with prepress and reviewing proofs, including on-site press checks if necessary.
  • We coordinate schedules, freight, and deliveries.


Your projects benefit from our:

  • Expertise and volume: 25+ years managing the printing of 25-100 offset and digital projects per year
  • Established relationships: we know the salespeople, CSRs, prepress techs, and management, many of whom have been friends and associates for decades.
  • Vendor knowledge: we've worked with most of the leading book printers and manufacturers in the US, Canada, and overseas. We've been in the plants and we know their capabilities, sweet spots, and specifications.


You save time, frequently money, and avoid headaches.

And our relationships are essential when you need something special, an accelerated schedule, or if a problem arises.


Our Printing & Manufacturing Management Process

Sample Printing & Manufacturing Quote


“Your files look great. It’s nice working with professionals who know what they’re doing. I wish all of the files we worked with were this easy!!”

Steve Woodrow
R.R. Donnelley & Sons


“You have made an excellent reputation for yourself, which comes through in the respect and admiration of industry professionals.”

Dr. Joseph Okpaku
President & Publisher, Third Press Publishers

additional services

editorial & word processing

  • Editorial Review & Analysis
  • Copyediting: Light to Heavy Mechanical 
    Grammar, spelling, and punctuation @ wording level
  • Substantive Editing: Light to Heavy 
    Content and syntax @ writing and sentence level
  • Developmental Editing (hourly) 
    Content and context @ overall and structural level
  • Ghostwriting and Manuscript Development
  • Proofreading Page proofs




  • Keystroking from existing manuscript
    (with or without typesetting coding)
  • OCR scanning and clean-up of hardcopy
  • Hardcopy scanning to PDF files


photography & illustration

  • Computer generated original artwork
  • Freehand original artwork
  • Photo research and acquisition
  • Photoshoots
  • Reprographic Scanning of original prints & artwork
  • Photoshop clean-up, editing, and manipulating of scanned and supplied images



INDEXING & verifications

  • Professionally created traditional multi-level index generated from thorough analysis of the content
  • Computer-generated concordance of words, terms, and phrases supplied by author/publisher
    (need additional curating, editing, and supplementing)
  • Bibliographic and reference verification
    Per entry rate quoted after project review and interview

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