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    Desktop Miracles maintains a state-of-the-art digital design studio in our new offices in Stowe, Vermont. We keep up with the latest hardware and solution resources utilized in the publishing and graphic design industries, including Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle eBook readers.


    All of our design and production work is done on the Macintosh platform utilizing the Adobe InDesign/Creative Suite. We do NOT produce layout and/or design work in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher.


  • Software Specifications and Compatibility

    Adobe InDesign Creative Suite subscription

    Adobe Acrobat Professional

    Adobe Photoshop

    Adobe Illustrator

    Microsoft Word (word processing only, not layout)

    Quark XPress (upon request)

    Microsoft PowerPoint

    Microsoft Excel

    Word Processing and File Conversion available in virtually any program or platform


  • Hardware Specifications and Compatibility

    Macintosh workstations

    Macintosh Laptops

    Apple iPads

    Amazon Kindles

    Large screen High-Res Color Monitors

    Xerox Tektronix Phaser High-Res Color Printers

    1200 dpi Laserprinters

    24-bit Heidelberg Color Scanner

    12-megapixel digital camera and photo box station

    OCR Text Scanner

    CD & DVD Recording Stations

    CD-ROM / Zip /Jaz Drives for you old school types

    SyQuest drive, just to see if you’re still reading…


  • Internet Connectivity and transferring files & originals

    Internet Access

    Our offices utilize a High Speed Cable Modem Internet Connection


    FTP File Server Access

    Desktop Miracles can also provide an online proofing / focus group system for reviewing design comps, as well as FTP File Server services for our connected clients.


    Transmitting Hardcopy Originals

    We STRONGLY recommend sending all physical materials to our offices via UPS United Parcel Service.

    We are usually a one-day GROUND shipment from anywhere in New England and most of New York City,

    and we usually receive ground shipments with the morning delivery depending on the seasons.


    Our office mailing address is a UPS Store in the village of Stowe, primarily because our offices are outside of town on a hillside that can be tricky in winter. UPS and Fedex truck drivers don’t like icy hills. This means your packages are always delivered to a person, inside, safe, secure, and out of the elements, even during a snowstorm! They are never left on a front porch without a signature. The UPS Store notifies us upon receipt of packages, and of course we pick up mail daily.


  • Backup Systems & Files Maintenance2

    File Nomenclature

    We maintain a strict file naming structure for documents, duplicating and renaming files prior to working on them to minimize the risk of losing more than one generation of work.


    Computer BackUps

    Our office network has backup systems for each workstation and server.


    Original Files BackUps

    We copy your original files onto our servers as “originals”, then duplicate and rename them as “version 1″, then your original disk and files are stored offline and never touched again.


    Original Hardcopy BackUps

    We scan client artwork, photographs, prints etc, then store the originals in a protected place.

    Off-sight fireproof storage at additional cost is also available.


    Archival BackUps For Convenience Only

    We archive all files on our server, then create duplicate CDs and DVDs for long term storage, with one set kept off-site. This service is for convenient access and retrieval of job files only (not guaranteed) and clients are recommended and URGED to maintain their own backups.  In a pinch though, we usually have it.

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