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The Cover Design & Production Process

The challenges of designing an attractive and effective cover that works for all the stakeholders (the clients, the content, and the marketplace) means that each and every project is different, and each process is a bit unique. The fundamental process usually follows this track:

  • receipt of signed contract and deposit
  • review the manuscript and interview client
  • create several design schemes and variations
  • get feedback from client & author
  • tweak and improve designs through one or more rounds
  • finalize designs and get approval
  • prepare for prepress and finish

A straight-through process usually takes 4-6 weeks with typical review cycles, though many publishers need front cover design work very early for sales catalogs and advance marketing, and then come back much later for full production.

We accommodate rush schedules as our overall production schedule permits, and if we can do so without impacting other previously booked projects. We’ve turned many projects in less than a week, and even overnight for a United Nations presentation once!