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Covers & Jackets

“Good cover design is critical. It must be professional and appropriate for its purpose and market”
—Marcella Smith, former Small Press Director, Barnes & Noble

Your book WILL be judged by its cover.

It’s the single most important graphic in all of your marketing, the central element in the “product packaging” of your content, and the first thing potential customers see. It’s the first thing that industry gatekeepers evaluate. Without a great cover, you won’t get past the buyers, wholesalers, and distributors. When bookstore buyers debate about purchasing a title, they’re usually looking at nothing more than a cover image and a catalog sell sheet.

Without a striking and intriguing cover, you book won’t attract attention on the shelf. Experts agree that you only have a few seconds to catch the eye of a potential customers and that good cover design is essential for success.

As experienced book designers, the Desktop Miracles team creates stunning and appropriate designs for dust jackets and covers in virtually any category or genre imaginable. Book cover design is a specialized field. It’s very different from designing newsletters, brochures, and advertisements. And we understand all the little creative nuances and subtleties that make books different and special.

And all the technical requirements for producing books that print correctly on press as well as looking great in a small format for major online bookstores and eBooks.

All of our packages are designed to be all-inclusive from manuscript review to guaranteed prepress ready files. Our service includes a comprehensive concept development interview with you covering the details of your project, marketing plans, the competitive marketplace, and other publishing specific issues that impact a well-designed cover, as well as access to our extensive resource collections and subscriptions with more than 250,000 stock photos at no additional charge.

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The Cover Design & Production Process