The $5 Business Card

Our flagship package of Bestseller-Quality Publishing

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The $5 Business Card™ is the premiere all-inclusive publishing package specifically designed for professional speakers, consultants, and entrepreneurial business professionals. We customize each package depending on the specific goals and needs for each client, and maintain a strategic partner support relationship for 12-18 months or longer.


One simple, turnkey solution that puts professionally designed, bestseller-quality books in your hands in 20-25 weeks, and includes all the essential services required to create a first-class product that enhances your credibility and respect, and helps you achieve your business goals.


The $5 Business Card Bestseller-Quality Publishing Service

For most speakers, consultants, and business professionals, the traditional models of publishing and bookstore sales are spectacularly inefficient and a waste of your valuable time and money. The process is broken: it takes too long to get to market, there’s too many middle men, and for the vast majority of books the marketing and promotional investments have horrible ROI and the bookstore sales figures are too low to break-even.


The real value of publishing a book is the many positive benefits it has for your primary business:

  • Makes you the expert and authority on your subject
  • Helps you command higher fees and get more business
  • Opens doors and closes deals with new clients
  • Increases name recognition and marketability
  • Generates new opportunities for publicity and PR to build your brand
  • Differentiates you from your competition


These real benefits are from publishing and having a book, not from chasing low-margin sales in bookstores. You don’t need to waste time and money fighting a steep learning curve and a tradition-bound industry that’s stacked against you.


You need a first-class book that looks as good, or better, than a bestselling business book from a major publisher, and a book that creates a great first impression with important clients and prospects.


We deliver a book that enhances your credibility.


You need a business model that makes sense, and is tailored to your combination of marketing and/or revenue producing products. We create a scenario where the book becomes a self-funding marketing piece that also provides high margin sales.


We deliver a book that drives revenue.


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