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Desktop Miracles provides bestseller quality design and production services a la carte to publishers nationwide. We are proud to work with everyone from the largest major houses in New York City to small independent publishers and authors fulfilling a personal dream. We have worked on projects ranging from NY Times bestsellers and projects that were launched on live TV, to personally published projects for a small niche audience. All projects are treated with the same respect, dedication, and care as long as the publisher has the commitment to producing a first-class product.

We prefer to work on a project as a whole, coordinating both the cover and the interior into one cohesive design, but we are happy to work on individual elements to meet your needs, and we have a long history of working well with other design teams on split projects.

We are proud to be one of the most sought-after Book Design Studios in the country judging from our current production schedule and the waiting list of clients and projects lined up to get on our schedule.


Cover Design

"The first cover was a smash hit . . . I'm getting excellent response. Words like WOW! are being used to describe the cover and interior design"

—Dr. Ross West, Publisher, Baptist Way Press / Texas Baptist General Convention

Interior Design

“They do wonderful book interiors, some of the best I’ve seen . . . wonderful, varied, dynamic interiors. I recommend them highly.”

—John Kremer, Publishing Expert
Author, 1001 Ways to Market Your Books, and Editor, Book Marketing Update

Custom Publishing

"Hiring Barry turned out to be amongst my smartest decisions as a first-time author. I got a business partner...Unbelievable service provider . . . I can’t recommend him enough!"

—Bill Wiersma, Author, The Power of Professionalism & The Big AHA


Print Management Terms and Conditions

There are a couple of important required conditions for this service: You must disclose any printers you have already talked with and/or plan to talk with. It’s simply not fair to a printer to quote on the same job from multiple contacts. You are of course welcome to quote elsewhere…


Three elements of a GREAT interior design

A great interior design and layout needs three things: An attractive layout that encompasses dozens of design and layout decisions specific to multi-page documents, all of which must be executed in a visually pleasing manner while effectively and correctly communicating the structure, message, and feel of the content. Attention to…